Technische Beratung für bearbeitete Kunststoffprofile und Kunststoff-Fertigteile

Expert advice right from the start

The sound basis for profitable and smooth volume production of plastic profiles and finished plastic parts is targeted and comprehensive advice. As early as in the orientation phase of your project, our designing engineers are concerned with all important aspects regarding the production of plastic parts that need to be considered.

Our experience and our expertise is revealed in our planning activities. Besides consultancy and advice regarding the selection of suitable material and the matching production method, we compile the appropriate time schedules and cost calculations for you at the same time.

The required efficiency for the implementation of your project is at the centre of attention of all our services.

Technical Consultancy

Dirk Christes

Dirk Christes
[ Head of Production and Quality Assurance / Machining ]
Phone: +49 (0) 2723 / 71 987-20
EMail: d.christes[at]



Markus Boström

Markus Boström
[ Head of Production and Quality Assurance / Extrusion ]
Phone: +49 (0) 2723 / 71 987-21
EMail: m.bostroem[at]


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